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Bushcraft Wiki was created as an counterweight to the blogs and websites that try to get you to buy as much gear as possible through affiliate links when giving you advice about bushcraft. With that said other blogs and websites contain highly valuable information and links to external sites with good information is encouraged.

The goal of Bushcraft Wiki is to contain information you need to develop your bushcraft skills and also guides on what gear that is required to perform certain tasks.


Bushcraft Wiki reserves the right to put advertisements on the site, to cover costs for operations such as server costs, content improvement and similar.

Types of advertisements that might occur on the site:

  • Affiliate links on product listings
  • Corporate sponsorships
  • Image banner advertisements

Advertisements on the site must be user friendly.

Examples of hostile advertisements that should not be used are:

  • "511 Axes You Must Buy Before Walking Outside Your Door" articles
  • Non-transparent sponsorships
  • Banners that are able to run external scripts or are intrusive into the user experience
  • Fullscreen popup banners or other user experience intrusive banners